Syncro Front Shock - Old Man Emu

Part #: N-38S

Works With: 1986-91

Weight: 8.00 lbs

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Price: $179.95

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This shock absorber is a direct replacement part for all 1986-91 Vanagon Pop-Top Syncro models.

These are a nitrogen gas pressure design, and are considerably stiffer than the original German BOGE shock, which is a non-gas design. The gas pressure design means they can handle more heat before the oil boils, so theoretically, they can handle more abuse than the original BOGE non-gas shocks. But again, they are very stiff, which is the main difference between these and the original shocks. Therefore, they are best suited for on-road, heavy vehicles that do occasional off-road. Not OK for sustained, long-distance off-road, especially wash board.

NOT RECOMMENDED for hard-top, single cab, or double cab Vanagons. These vehicles are too light for a shock absorber that is this stif. If you have a non pop-top Vanagon, we highly recommend you purchase the fully adjustable FOX shock kit, so you can dial in the perfect ride for any driving condition, on or off-road.

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