Front Bump Stop

Made in the USA


Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 0.58 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $39.95

The rubber bump stops on your Vanagon are designed to cushion the front suspension when you hit a bump in the road (they use up the available wheel travel). Even the tamest Vanagon drivers give their front bump stops a fair amount of abuse, and the rowdier of us subject them to brutal loading. Over the years, the rubber itself deteriorates and requires replacement. We set out to reproduce these bump stops, albeit in a slightly smarter way. Our bump stops are crafted out of a custom durometer polyurethane, which better handles the clobbering compressions while providing a very comfortable ride. 

Our polyurethane bump stops mount in exactly the same manner as the OE bump stop, allowing you to reuse your original dust shield. If you own a factory lowered model such as a Carat or MV Weekender, they can be easily cut to match the length of your shorter bump stops.

Fits: All years and models of Vanagon 

Sold individually—you'll need to order two per vehicle.

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