Extra Heavy Duty Bilstein Shock Absorber Set


VW Part #: 701513031, 701413031

Works With: 1993-2003

Weight: 16.00 lbs

Manufacturer: Bilstein

Origin  : Germany

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Price: $715.95

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We are proud to offer you the exclusive GoWesty/Bilstein Extra Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers for Eurovan!

This exclusive product was born from a collaborative effort between GoWesty and Bilstein to create a stiffer shock for the heavy full camper and Weekender Eurovans. This new shock features the stock dimensions and mounting provisions, but now includes:
     - 60% more front and 25% more rear rebound dampening than the HD model
     - 60% more front and 10% more rear compression dampening than the HD model

Customers with hard-top passenger Eurovans: we recommend our standard Heavy Duty package.

Limited lifetime warranty: GoWesty Bilstein XHD shocks come with the standard Bilstein limited lifetime warranty included with all their shocks.

Bilsteins are not designed for prolonged off-road use, especially wash-board type roads. Due to their internal valving, they can and will overheat due to extended periods of off-highway travel. Like any shock Bilstein manufactures, overheating is not covered under the lifetime warranty.

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