2200cc Engine

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-2200

Works With: 1983-91

Weight: 240.00 lbs

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Base Price: $4999.00


WBX Engine Core Charge


Crate Core Charge


Final Price: $6799.00

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This is the smallest displacement engine we build for all 1983-91 Vanagons. If you have a 1983-85 Vanagon, we also offer a 2300cc engine. If your vehicle is a 1986-91, we offer larger displacements.

Here is what you get with our base model 2200cc engine:
• 8.8:1 compression, with 102 hp & 135 ft.lbs of torque when fitted with GW-EFI. 
• Engine cases (block), machined as needed
• Heli-coil installed in case to prevent drain plug oil leak
• New cylinder head studs as required
• Crankshaft machined as needed 
• Connecting rods rebuilt and precisely installed
 - Large end re-sized and custom fitted to each rod journal
 - Small end re-bushed and fitted to standard wrist pin bushing per factory specifications
 - Length matched to each other and set to factory length
 - Rod bolts replaced with OEM non-stretch bolts
 - Balanced to each other, and end to end, to factory spec or better
• Camshaft re-ground with custom GoWesty profile 
 - Starting with new, 108 degree lobe center camshaft
 - Guaranteed to pass tail pipe emissions test in all 50 states
 - Grind selected for good idle and low-end torque
• New hydraulic lifters, made in the USA
• All new tappet adjustment screws 
• All new bearings: main, rod, and camshaft 
• New, high-volume oil pump, machined OE VW German cover, and special OE sealing nuts
• New proprietary GoWesty cast pistons
 - Cast exclusively for GoWesty by Silv-O-Lite Pistons, USA
 - State of the art "slipper skirt" design
 - Ceramic coated crowns
 - Molybdenum disulfide ("moly") coated skirts
• Original "seasoned" cylinders, precision bored and diamond-honed
• GoWesty DOES NOT use the original German cylinder heads (click here for the full cylinder head story)
 - We use only AMC-brand (made in Spain) cylinder head castings
 - Much heavier-duty casting compared to the original German heads
 - Cylinder heads are rebuilt to as-good-as-new
 - Completely disassembled 
 - All the valves are scraped 
 - High-quality OEM-style intake and exhaust valves 
 - De-burred intake and exhaust ports, precision four-angle valve grind 
• New OEM quality GRAF brand water pump 
• New GoWesty Alternator Bracket Fix Kit
• V-belt pulley, coolant x-tube, connection hose, and steel elbow installed 
• New correct oil pressure switches installed in their correct locations
• Cleaned oil cooler installed (2.1 applications only)
• Machined flywheel or flexplate installed and crankshaft endplay properly set
• Valve covers, intake manifolds, and plenum re-painted and installed (exchange)
• Distributor drive installed in correct position
• Correct spark plugs installed with anti-seize compound
• Crated and ready to ship
• This engine OK to run on 87 or higher octane fuel and will pass tail pipe emissions test

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Core Exchange: $1500 CORE CHARGE POLICY: Our engines are sold on an exchange basis. We expect an engine like the one you purchased to be traded in. For instance, you cannot trade in a 1.9-liter waterboxer core and purchase a 2.1-liter engine and expect the entire $1500 core deposit back. We deduct the following amounts from the core charge refund: Engine cases: $750, or part thereof for repairs as needed. Head studs: $50 per stud to a maximum of $750. Crankshaft: $250. Rods: $50/each (and so on with each component). So, for example, if your engine cases are no good (i.e.: too badly pitted), but the rest of the parts are OK, you will receive a refund of $250. If everything is in good shape, except all head studs have to be replaced, you will get $250 back. Or, if you send in no core at all, you will forfeit your entire $1500 core deposit. Click here to see a copy of the core return worksheet.

Also, we ask that you please read the following article: "Engine Core Charge: A Necessary Evil"

Warranty: 48 month, 48,000 mile (whichever comes first) written warranty at no charge. We now offer two engine warranty upgrades (see related items below)! Please see the chart below for information, and click here to read the entire text of our warranty. This engine is okay to run on 87 or higher octane fuel. The warranty does not cover internal damage to the engine due to detonation damage, which could be caused as a result of using poor quality fuel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Engine failure due to improper installation, overheating, incorrect timing, insufficient oil, contaminated oil, oil additives, outright abuse, etc., will not be honored by warranty. GoWesty strongly recommends replacing your entire cooling system—this engine is not warranted against damage resulting from overheating. Please read this article for more information.

Standard 48/48,000, pro-rated, $60/hour Retail cost, pro-rated No charge
Easy Rider
12 months/12,000 miles:
 100% coverage (up to $115/hour)
36 months/36,000 miles: Split 50/50 by vehicle owner and GoWesty

12 months/12,000 miles: 100% coverage 
36 months/36,000 miles:
 Split 50/50 by vehicle owner and GoWesty

Road Warrior 100% coverage for 48 months/48,000 miles
100% coverage for 48 months/48,000 miles

Cancellation Policy: GoWesty puts a lot of time and energy into packaging your rebuilt engine. If you purchase an engine from us—and then decide to cancel the order within 30 days—we will refund you in full, minus any transportation fees and a 5% restocking fee. If you decide to cancel your order after 30 days, our normal refund policy applies (you can view that by clicking here).

Shipping: Freight costs are $300-1000 (including return of core) anywhere in the lower 48 states. These engines ship truck freight only. The closer the destination address is to our facility in California, the lower the freight cost will be. A freight quote will be generated by our staff after you have completed your online order. *NOTE* The delivery destination MUST have a forklift or a loading dock to get the engine crate off the truck. If a forklift or loading dock is not available, a surcharge of up to $190 ($95 each way) for a lift-gate truck will be added to the shipping cost. In addition, there is a residential delivery surcharge of $100.

If you live in Canada, please click here for important broker information.


Cancellation policy: GoWesty puts a lot of time and energy into packaging your rebuilt engine. If you purchase an engine from us—and then decide to cancel the order within 30 days—we will refund you in full, minus any transportation fees and a 5% restocking fee. If you decide to cancel your order after 30 days, our normal refund policy applies (you can view that by clicking here).

This engine is internally modified to increase displacement and power output while maintaining original emissions levels. It is externally identical to the factory original 1900cc and 2100cc waterboxer and will pass all visual inspections and testing for smog-controlled vehicles. However, in order for a rebuilt engine to be officially legal* to sell for highway use in all 50 states, no modifications of any kind are allowed. Please check how your state laws apply to you before purchasing.

*This product is intended for off-road use only in the state of California.

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