Yakima Ripcord Locking Surfboard Strap (Pair)

Part #: 4048

Weight: 3.00 lbs

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Price: $109.95

We're definitely not yanking your cord when we say these lockable multi-purpose cargo straps are dynamite for locking surfboards, boats, bikes, motorcycles, trailers, ladders... you name it. SKS locks included.

• Sold in pairs, with SKS locks included
• Rubber-covered buckles for vehicle and cargo protection
• Nylon-coated steel cable with aluminum cam buckle for superior corrosion resistance. Take that, corrosion!
• 12 feet in length — that's probably enough to cover 50 boards, but we only recommend that you carry 3 at any time!

To complete your surfboard carrying system we suggest a pair of crossbar pads as well.

Lifetime guarantee.

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