Trickle Charger Solar Panel

Part #: 320-246

Weight: 5.00 lbs

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Price: $34.95

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We have sourced a new and improved solar battery charger. This guy works just like our previous model but has many more features. It plugs into the 12 volt lighter socket to trickle charge your battery. It also has a second set of wires with clamps on them if you would like to hook the charger directly to your battery. There are also four black fins on the corners for utilizing the four provided suction sups. These can be set to face up or down to help stick the charger to the dash or directly to a window for maximum solar energy exposure.

This item is classified as a "smart charger," meaning that it has built-in circuitry that prevents your battery from being overcharged. You can leave it hooked up indefinitely, and you never have to worry about overcharging.

• Built-in protection to prevent current reversal
• Power: 1.5 watt maximum
• Dimensions: 340mm x 120mm x 14mm

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