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High Quality Replacement Tack Strip

Part #: GVW-231-750-HQ

Works With: 1968-1984

Weight: 1.25 lbs

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Price: $19.95

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What is Tack Strip?
When it comes time to replace the pop top tent on your 1968-84 Westfalia Camper, you will  need to get yourself a roll of this tack strip. The upper edges of these earlier tents were "sandwiched" in between a plastic strip and a wood insert and then stapled in place. While you can certainly re-use the original tack strip, it looks much nicer to replace it with new tack strip so you do not end up with old staple holes showing.

Install tip:
Our aftermarket tack strip is not identical to the original, but it is very close and works nicely. It is a little more brittle than the original, so if you are using a pneumatic stapler, be sure to turn the pressure down to avoid cracks as the staple penetrates it. Staple size is also very important. Take one of the original staples and match is as closely as you can at your local hardware store.

Sold in a 26.25 foot roll. This length is sufficient to install one tent.

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