Cosmo Headlamp

Part #: 355-590

Weight: 0.30 lbs

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Price: $25.95

No good VW camper should be without a headlamp. It's an inexpensive and invaluable tool for every hands-free activity you can imagine: from cooking to wrenching, collecting firewood to packing in the dark. Trust us—you want one of these in the glove box at all times!

The Black Diamond Cosmo offers standard distance and proximity modes, both of which are dimmable. These are complemented by a red night-vision mode, which is great for nighttime tasks when you don't want to wake others. All modes are accessible via one simple-to-use button. The redesigned housing is built to withstand water spray from all directions, which means that rainy night won't leave you in the dark!

Max lumens: 200
Max burn time: 45 hours at max (200 lumens); 130 hours at minimum (6 lumens)
Max distance: 50 meters
Power source: 3 AAA batteries

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