Air Compressor Hose Kit (ARB)

Part #: 171302-GW

Weight: 3.00 lbs

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Price: $69.95

Compressed air hose, accessory kit, plus GoWesty designed stainless bracket for installation into a hook-up box.

This compact hose and accessory kit from ARB will provide years of rugged and reliable service. Designed and manufactured by the legendary Australian off-road parts supplier ARB, this kit will get your tires aired up (as well as all of  your campsite inflatables!). 

The hose itself is 20' of vinyl coated, braided high pressure line, and features abrasion resistant and anti-kink shields at each end. Included in the kit are US-type quick connect couplings for use with most aftermarket compressors (in addition to all of ARB's compressors), and a variety of fittings for inflatable beds, rafts and balls.

Bonus add-on! We also include the necessary bracket to plumb your hose directly to the back of one of our awesome external hook-up boxes!

Want it all? Check out our complete Onboard Air-Compressor Bundle and save a few bucks.

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