Tongue Extension for SportsRig MicroTrailer

Made in the USA

Part #: SR-TE

Works With: 1968-91, 1993-2003

Weight: 40.00 lbs

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Price Range: $184.95 - $234.95


Final Price: $184.95

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Your required tongue length depends on the length of your boats and where you place your boats on the load bars. If you place just one boat right down the middle of the tongue, you can be within 6" of the end of the tongue (the coupler). When you place multiple boats side-by-side, you don't want them too close to your bumper or they'll hit when you make a sharp turn or "jack knife" the rig. So look at the guide to find the right extension or email us the lengths of your boats for help determining what extension will work best for you. The guide assumes your boat(s) are centered on the MicroTrailer's load bars front to rear to maintain at least 10% tongue weight for safety. If your boats hang off your taillights more than 4 feet, most states require a flag by day and a light at night. Check out our optional Extension Light! Note that all extensions remove leaving an attached folding section (without coupler) that allows you to stand your MicroTrailer up in the same stable tripod position provided by the standard patented Fast-Fold Tongue.

Please choose your desired length from the drop-down menu.

Tongue Ext. A - Max boat length if 2+ mounted side by side: 15'8". Max boat length for 1 boat mounted in the middle: 17'8".
Tongue Ext. B - Max boat length if 2+ mounted side by side: 18'8". Max boat length for 1 boat mounted in the middle: 21'8".
Tongue Ext. C - Max boat length for 2+ mounted side by side: 22'8". Max boat length for 1 boat mounted in the middle: 23'8".

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