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Main Bearing Sets

Part #: 025-198-4

VW Part #: 025198463A, 025198473A

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 0.70 lbs

Manufacturer: Kolbenschmidt

Origin  : Germany

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Price Range: $199.95 - $299.95


Final Price: $199.95

Genuine German Kolbenschmidt main bearing sets. Get them while supplies last!

Fits: All 1986-91 2100cc Waterboxer (MV engine code)

Available in the following sizes:
• Standard/Standard 
• Standard / -.010" (STD/-0.25mm) 
• +.020" / -.010" (+0.50mm/-0.25mm) 

Important Packaging Note: Some of these bearing sets arrive from the factory in a packaging configuration that we consider to offer insufficient protection to the bearing surfaces. If you receive a bearing set that has clearly been repackaged, do not worry, that was just us looking out for you!

Main bearings are back - for now, but what's the scoop? For years, the global supply of no-longer-in-production main bearings was dwindling to a critical point, and the waterboxer species was on the brink of extinction. We knew we had to do something about it, so back in 2020 we started the effort to get Rheinmetall (the company that owns Kolbenschmidt) to get these must-have parts back into production. It was down to the wire by the time we got our first order. We were completely out of main bearings and about to suspend our engine rebuilding program when we finally received our first shipment, which was just before New Years Day, 2022.

In order to get Reinmetall/Kolbenschmidt to make more bearings, we had to commit to 2500 sets of the 'odd' sizes (for line-bored blocks and/or turned-down cranks). Those two sizes (463A and 473A) were made exclusively for GoWesty. Since they already had their tooling dusted off and fired up, and due to popular demand, they went ahead and cranked out 8000 sets of the STD-STD size bearings as well. Those will be available both through GoWesty and the RM/KS global dealer network.

So why the significantly higher price on the 'odd size' bearing sets? Volume. Our 2500 piece or simply didn't get the unit price down terribly low. But hey, we did what we could to keep all of our beloved waterboxers on the road!

If you plan to keep your waterboxer going long-term, you might want snag a set of these bearings, especially a set of the 473A since they pretty much cover all your bases (engine block and/or crank having already been or in need of machining). 
These are genuine, real-deal Kolbenschmidt, made in Germany bearings, in the authentic blue Kolbenschmidt box!

How long will these last? While supplies last, that’s how long!

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