GoWesty Shift Rod Bushing Set

Made in the USA


Works With: 1984-91

Weight: 0.50 lbs

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Price: $61.95

Introducing the last shift bushing you will ever need: The new GoWesty shifter bushing made of Delrin AF.

Unlike regular Delrin, this AF is a Teflon impregnated, self-lubricating, super slippery, super tough material that costs about twice as much as regular Delrin. These bushings go in dry: NO LUBE REQUIRED.* No grease or oil to keep in, or to collect dirt. No rubber bellows to maintain. Precision machined for a perfect fit and function, even with worn shift shafts. Just clean off all the gooey stuff that has built up over the years, slip these babies in, and forget about them! These will be the last set of shift bushings you will need to install. 

Sold as a pair. Lifetime warranty.

*Note: Our very first stab at this concept did not include the grooves you see present on these bushings. While the bushings worked beautifully under most conditions, some folks complained of the need for occasional lubrication when used in severe conditions. We subsequently added the grooves, and the problem was solved. If you have some of our short-lived, non-grooved bushings, and are having to add lubricant to them, please let our customer service team know and we will happily exchange them for our current bushings with the added grooves. 


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