Shift Bushing - Soft

Part #: 251-711-207D

VW Part #: 251711207D

Works With: 1983-91

Weight: 0.10 lbs

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Price: $7.95

This little shift rod bushing can be found on all 1983.5 and later, manual shift, water-cooled Vanagons. Every one of these vans has one up front, and some have a second one in the rear. So how does one know if they need one or two of these? Great question! If your van is a 1987 or earlier, it will most likely require TWO of these. A quick visual inspection of your van will make it clear what you need. If your van is a 1988 and later model, you will probably have a different style "hard" bushing and bellows at the back by the transaxle. Go take a look! We sell whatever configuration your van needs!

Note: No matter what year you have, we recommend updating to our complete Shifter Bushing Bundle.

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