Shift Bushing - Soft

Part #: 251-711-207D

VW Part #: 251711207D

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 0.10 lbs

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Our Price: $7.95

Sale Price $5.95

We higly recommend updating to our complete Shifter Bushing Bundle for less maintenance and smoother shifts.

This early style "soft" bushing can be found on all 1983.5-87, manual shift, water-cooled Vanagons. If your van is a 1988 and later model, you will probably have the later style "hard" bushing and bellows at the back by the transaxle. The hard bushing and bellows system is far superior, as it utilizes rubber boots on both sides of the bushing to keep it clean and shifting smoothly. Once we sell out of these early-style soft bushings, we will not be restocking them. If you want to stick with this original design, grab one or two before we sell out. If you want the best performance available, ditch your soft bushings for our Shifter Bushing Bundle.

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