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GoWesty Solar Hook-Up Box

Made in the USA


Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 1.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $59.95

This is a brand-new, 100% GoWesty-designed solar hook-up box kit. 

If you're tired of running a solar extension cable through a cracked-open window, this kit is for you. Our solar hook-up box allows you to add an external outlet to attach a GoWesty solar panel to your van. This hook-up kit can be used to replace one of your existing hook-ups, or you can add an additional opening to your vehicle's body to use it as a fourth hook-up. 

We designed our new and improved hook-up boxes to look similar to the original design, but that's where the similarities end! These were designed in-house by a team of professional engineers, and we are extremely proud of the results. We have invested some serious time and energy into the creation of these superior hook-up boxes. We are confident that you'll be very happy with them—in short, these are the last hook-ups you'll ever buy! To read more about the history of the original hook-ups, please click here.

Here are some of the improvements we have made:
• Crafted from superior UV-resistant materials.
• Frame fastener holes are counter-bored instead of tapered—no cracking!
• Added extra material to known weak points of original design—no more breaking!
• Innovative lid design: single piece with molded pivot points (we were tired of the flimsy door, metal hinge, and poor spring design).
• Lid pivot points are captured by the frame and insert for simple, effective performance.
• Lid is held shut and open by a smart cam and leaf spring mechanism.
• Entire design is modular—no more failure-prone glue, no more throwaway parts. We're talking replaceability and interchangeability!
• 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.
• Less expensive than the original design, and much improved!

This GoWesty hook-up box includes a new gasket, installation hardware, and decal. Simple installation instructions included.

This hookup box is designed to work in conjunction with the GW-SOLAR-SYSTEM or GW-FOLD-SOLAR (not included).  It has a 2-pin SAE plug with 10AWG wires.

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