GoWesty 2450cc Engine Kit

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-2450-KIT

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 65.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

This item is NOT eligible for GoBucks credit.

Base Price: $2904.95

Camshaft Core Charge


Crankshaft Core Charge


Engine Kit Cylinders Core Charge


Rods Core Charge


Price: $3654.95

9.4:1 compression, with 132 hp & 177 ft.lbs of torque when fitted with GW-EFI.

Here is what you get with our 2450cc high output engine kit:
• Counter-weighted 84.5mm stroke crankshaft
• Camshaft with GoWesty proprietary profile
• New connecting rod set with new ARP rod bolts
• Custom made in USA JE brand 96mm forged pistons with wrist pins, clips and rings
• Torque plate-honed 96mm cylinders
• GoWesty copper cylinder head gaskets
• New hydraulic lifters

IMPORTANT NOTE: The engine block assembly (case) will need to be hand-machined for added clearance in several places, including (but not limited to) the roof and beneath piston at BDC and back side of the bosses into which the head studs install from the opposite side. The case is made from cast aluminum, and no two are exactly the same. There is no "blue print" or "program" to achieve this—it has to be done by hand by a very experienced and talented individual. The crankshaft/rod assembly, cylinder, and piston must be test-fitted repeatedly to ensure that the clearance is correct and adequate, while at the same time not going too far and maintaining the cleanliness required for any successful engine rebuild.

NOTE: Kit does NOT include installation instructions, and we will not provide technical support throughout the building process. If you do not have the tools, experience, and/or know-how to build a water boxer engine, please purchase one of our complete engines. For more information about WHY this kit excludes instructions, please read this article.

Core Charges: Some of these parts are sold "exchange," which means that we need to get your old parts back for rebuilding. These parts have a "core charge" associated with them. You pay this core charge up front, and then we credit you when we receive your old parts for rebuilding. In some cases, some or all of your core charge may be forfeited if a part is not in rebuildable condition.

NOTE: This engine kit is intended for use only in a 2.1 liter engine block, and requires you to return a 2.1 crank.

Please call our customer service team for a return authorization number prior to shipping your core: (888) 469-3789.

This waterboxer engine kit meets or exceeds tail pipe emissions standards for any 1983-91 Volkswagen Vanagon originally fitted with a waterboxer engine.

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