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Moving at the Speed of SLO Sticker

Made in the USA

Part #: SLO-LIFE

Weight: 0.01 lbs

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Price: $2.95

Take a deep breath of fresh country air. Pull onto the highway, and sync your hearbeat with the harmonious hum of the engine. Soak up the scenery as it passes by, and let the worries of life just melt away. Now you're livin' the Westylife!

Folks from San Luis Obispo County, California, are said to be living the "SLO life," and it's true. We move at a pace that is rarely found in the bustling Golden State, and we're proud of it. But you don't have to be from San Luis Obispo to live the SLO life. Nope. Those VW keys in your pocket are all you need to unlock the healthful benefits of moving at the speed of SLO!

Specs: 4x6" sticker printed on high-grade outdoor vinyl.

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