GoWesty Aluminum Fuel Rail Set

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-025-133-317-HEX

VW Part #: 025133317

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 1.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $69.95

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If your Vanagon still relies on the original plastic fuel rails (a.k.a. fuel distribution manifolds) and you are performing fuel delivery system upgrades, you might consider installing a pair of these bad-boys. These sleek, affordable fuel rails are made in the USA out of anodized aluminum with brass fittings, and they are guaranteed to safely deliver fuel to your thirsty engine. They are sold as a pair, so all you need is one kit per vehicle. Minor assembly requiredassembly instructions included.

Product note: In reality, the original black plastic fuel rails rarely ever fail on their own; rather, the "nipples" succumb to heavy-handed mechanics (no, not you!) in a hurry to remove the old fuel line that stubbornly hangs on. If you (or your heavy-handed mechanic) has managed to crack one of yours, and you would rather save a few bucks, we do offer used plastic originals for a mere $10 each. However, upgrading to these aluminum fuel rails is definitely in your long-term best interest.

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