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GoWesty Fuel Injector Bundle

Made in the USA


VW Part #: 025906031

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 2.50 lbs

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Price: $347.95

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As decades wore on, the fuel injectors on your van wore out. Their pintles were damaged and dirtied by detritus in your fuel. The hose nipples were scratched, the brittle plastic ends cracked, and the flow rates drifted askew. Rebuilds bought them more time, and at GoWesty we continued to source the best reproduction injectors to deliver fuel exactly as VW had intended. But eventually, 40 years after Bosch laid down the blueprint for your injectors, we could no longer find anyone that could keep this ancient technology alive. Luckily, our friends at DeatschWerks are wizards with fueling systems. After a long effort, our work with DW has resulted in a dramatically improved, modern replacement for aging Vanagon injectors. 

Most importantly, GoWesty's injectors are carefully tested to ensure you're getting the fuel delivery your ECU is expecting. In addition to adhering to a tighter overall flow rate tolerance than the original injector, each set of our injectors is matched to +/-1% using multi-point dynamic flow testing. This ensures that all your cylinders are getting the same amount of fuel whether you're idling at a stoplight or standing on the accelerator to get up a hill.

GoWesty's injectors are designed to closely match the flow of the original Vanagon injector at all pulse widths, not just at a single static flow rate. This is critical for transient performance -- conditions when the fuel demand is changing, like when the engine needs to return to idle or respond to changes in throttle position. This flow specification is also important when the O2 sensor can't help correct fueling, like under full throttle enrichment or when the vehicle is warming up. 

The testament to this technical talk isn't abstract: these injectors will provide the best possible fuel economy, power, and reliability. If your Vanagon is feeling sluggish, experiencing a rough idle, or getting poor fuel economy, and a normal tune up hasn't helped, we'd highly recommend a set of these injectors these injectors to pep up your Waterboxer.

Fit:  See the Fitment Notes tab for important installation notes. These injectors will work with any 1983-91 water-boxer Vanagon, including MV and DJ engines.

Bundle includes:
• (4) Brand-new fuel injectors
• (4) Hose clamps
• (4) Small end injector seals 
• (4) Large end injector grommets 

No core charge:
These new injectors are sold outright.  

Note that the retaining ring on the body of these injectors is a bit different than on the OE part. When installing, make sure that the inner lip of the provided large end injector grommet fully seats into the injector body to hold it in place. 

Caution: the Bosch-design electrical plug that this item accepts is the same as on many other components in the engine compartment, some that are close in proximity to each other. Be very careful not to mix them up! Always unplug/plug in one thing at a time whenever possible, label all plugs if more than one is to be removed, for example when replacing an engine long block, or even just the throttle body.  

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