Permatex 518 Gasket Maker

Made in the USA

Part #: 889-457

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 0.20 lbs

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Price: $9.95

This 6ml tube of gasket maker from Permatex is what we use to mate the output flange/decoupler to the transaxle. There is no factory paper gasket in this location. If your transaxle is leaking gear oil between these two mating surfaces, this is the stuff you need to reseal it. Please note that we include a tube of this in our decoupler installation kit, so if you are ordering that kit, you will receive one of these tubes automatically.

From Permatex:
• Red flange sealant eliminates preformed, precut, paper, rubber and cork gaskets
• Anaerobic adhesive/sealant
• Non-corrosive, resists caustics and solvents
• Temperature range = -65F to 300F (-54C to 149C)
• Flexes with flanges that move in service
• No need to retorque fasteners
• Only cures between mating flanges. Excess material will not cure and block passages
• Applications: Differential assemblies, transmission covers, water pumps, thermostat housings, oil pans, timing covers, transmission shift bar housings or any other rigid flat mating surfaces except exhaust systems
• Designed exclusively for aluminum, iron and steel mating surfaces with less than .015" gap. (Gaps up to .050" material can be used with primer.)

Note: Allow product to cure a minimum of two hours


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