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GoWesty Signal Filter for Air Flow Meter

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-025-906-302A

VW Part #: 025906302A

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 0.50 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $61.95

This GoWesty-designed signal filter cable is a cost-effective replacement for the original VW factory part (025-906-302A).

VW originally released the signal filter cable in order to fix the common "highway hiccups" that occur in many Vanagons, essentially "smoothing out" the signal between the air flow meter and the ECU. We had the VW circuit analyzed, and then we designed our own enhanced version, which performs better than the original VW part—and at almost 1/4 of the price!

Fits: All 1986-91 Vanagons

This is an electronic part—per our return policy, it is not acceptable to use electronic parts to troubleshoot your running issue. Once this product is installed, it may not be returned (unless it is deemed defective).

Installation note: Our version requires cutting and splicing into existing wiring harness (instructions are included—but a stripping/crimping tool is not*). We designed ours to be a splice-in installation, the goal being to replace the existing electrical plug and contacts that have been exposed to 20+ years! Splicing can be a bit of a pain, but it provides an added layer of long-term reliability that we felt was critical to ensure that the air flow meter signal is getting through properly. Too many times, folks replace electronic components on their vehicles with shiny new ones, yet plug them into a crummy, corroded old electrical plug—and end up solving nothing!

*If you do not already have a wire stripping and crimping tool, we offer a very affordable, yet high-quality, option for you below.

Signal Filter Installation Instructions

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