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Upper Bunk Board for Winnebago

Made in the USA


Works With: 1995-2003

Weight: 27.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $232.95

All year models of the Eurovan Winnebago full camper were outfitted with a very weak upper bunk board. Just imagine the crummiest materials and workmanship a manufacturer could employ, multiply that by two, and that is what you have with the original bunk board. Basically, they started off bad... and then they just got worse over time.

The 1995-96 models are the best of the worst, as these are a one-piece design and do not fall apart so quickly. The later models were fitted with a couple different folding versions that are, basically, junk. Just sit on the edge of it, and you'll notice that it feels like it could buckle at any moment. To make matters worse, on the later 2000-03 models, the rear half of the bunk board is permanently (and flimsily) fastened in place to the hinges. On these later models, the bunk board not only falls apart like the rest—but to make matters worse, when it's folded up, it blocks access to the rear part of the upstairs bed. Anybody who has spent ANY time camping in a VW camper knows this space is worth its weight in gold while camping. Obviously, the designers at Winnebago were not experienced VW campers.

These GoWesty bunk boards are made from top quality plywood, laminated on both sides with a gray laminate, and trimmed around the entire perimeter with a durable vinyl T-molding. They don’t fold—so there are no hinges to break. When you don’t want it in the way, you just lift it up and slide it back on top of the mattress on the back part of the upstairs bed (like the original 1995-96 boards), so it does not block your ability to use that space while camping. Please note that it only slides to the back when used over the top of the rear mattress. When there is no mattress in place, the lower hinge bolts prevent this because they are too narrow. 

The first time you sit on the edge of the GoWesty bunk board you will notice the difference immediately. It is SOLID!


• 11/16" plywood core with maple face
• Gray laminate top and bottom
• Total panel thickness is 3/4"
• Edges finished with gray T-molding
• Smooth, radiused corners for safety
• Fits any year Eurovan Winnebago full camper (with sink, stove, fridge)


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