Stainless Catalytic Converter

Made in the USA

Part #: 025-131-701A-CALSS

VW Part #: 025131701A

Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 8.00 lbs

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Price: $1172.95

This new catalytic converter features:
• Stainless steel body—lifetime warranty against corrosion (warranty furnished by GoWesty).
• Fits 1980-91 Vanagon with OEM exhaust system except for 1980-83.5 aircooled models produced in California.
• Almost 20% larger catalyst area for those extra clean smog tests!
• Compliant with emissions standards in ALL 50 STATES. C.A.R.B. approved for use in California. Executive order #D-193-85.
• Manufactured by Magnaflow. Product number 3391918

Also includes complete installation hardware kit. See list below!
• (2) 025-251-509A flat gaskets
• (1) 855-253-137A sealing donut
• (6) M8 x 35 bolts
• (3) M8 x 50 bolts
• (12) M8 flat washers
• (6) M8 copper exhaust nuts

Note on price: You are not seeing triple! This is the correct price for this catalytic converter which, in fact, has almost tripled in price. This catalytic converter is required by the California Air Resourced Board (CARB) for any Vanagon registered in California, or any state that recognizes the same rules as California (like NY, CO, WA to name a few). GoWesty DOES NOT set the price for these catalytic converters, it is dictated to us and everyone else that sells them by the manufacturer, Magnaflow. We have been told the reason for these extremely high prices are due to the cost of the materials these are made of. Until or unless the price of the raw materials suddenly plummets (unlikely), we are stuck with this price!

1980-83.5 Aircooled Vanagon: This catalytic converter will only work for Vanagons that utilize catalytic convertors with two flanged ends. If your catalytic converter has only one flanged end and a straight pipe on the other end, this converter will not work for you.

1983.5-91 Watercooled Vanagon: Fits all models 2WD & 4WD

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