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2WD Decal

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-2WD

Weight: 0.01 lbs

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Final Price: $5.95

What the heck is a 2WD Prerunner?
In the off road race community, beefed up 2WD vehicles were traditionally used to pre-run challenging long distance courses like the Baja 1000. Pre-running a course gave the race team the intel they needed to successfully navigate their way through the event safely, efficiently and fast. Today, 2WD trucks and buggies (many VW powered) dominate off-road racing, as the need for four-wheel drive is minimal when agility and momentum are involved.

The name Prerunner really became a household name when Toyota started marketing their Tacoma 2WD Prerunner line of trucks that featured a taller more agressive stance, knobby tires, German Bilstein shocks, and a rear traction aid such as a limited slip or locking differential.

Over here at GoWesty we have been busily building off-highway dreams vans for lots of folks. Many of these vans started their lives as simple, unassuming, slow and low, two-wheel drive vehicles, and ended up as rock crushing, dirt eating machines. In the spirit of the SYNCRO & 4WD decals found on their four-wheel drive brethren, we have created PRERUNNER and 2WD decals for your off-highway beast!

Fit note: This decal is sized identical to the original German 4WD decal for the door, but will pretty much anywhere you think it looks best. Go ahead, show your 2WD pride!

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