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Seat Belt Receiver

Made in the USA

Part #: RC-CABLE-15-ERA

Works With: 1984-1991

Weight: 1.00 lbs

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Price: $29.95

Replacement seat belt receiver for Vanagon front seat and jumpseat applications.  It features a very user-friendly and convenient 14.75" flexible cable body. If you are interested in the complete seatbelt kit, check out our KT-VANO-ERA.

Be sure to read the important fit notes tab.

Due to safety concerns, an installed steabelt may not be returned (unless it is deemed defective). Please see our return policy for further details.

• If your existing receiver is mounted with a shouldered bolt, and swivels: Also purchase our Bolt & Cap Kit for installation.

• Sometime between 1980-84, VW switched the design of the connector (male part) on the seatbelt, and it looks like the one we use for our KT-VANO-ERA kits, see related item, below. If the connector on your Vanagon seat belt does not look like this, this receiver will not fit your Vanagon.

• Vanagons with swivel seat have a very short, rigid receiver that is quite a reach to get to. If you are tired of reaching down to latch in/out, and your Vanagon , and it has the later type of connector, you can replace just the receiver with one of these. However, once snapped in, the retracting action will naturally be reduced as a result since there will be more webbing in the reel. So here again, you might just want to replace the whole thing with one of our  KT-VANO-ERA kits

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