Upper/Lower Sliding Door Bearing

Part #: 251-843-425A-AM

VW Part #: 251843425A

Works With: 1984-1991

Weight: 0.10 lbs

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Price: $6.95

This slider door bearing is an improvement on the original design. It features a sealed bearing rather than a shielded one—which means that it will be impervious to dust intrusion. In layman's terms, this sucker will function better (and last longer) than the stock bearing. Two required per vehicle.*

*NOTE: Some early-model vans have a plastic guide in the upper position. If you have an early-model van, please check the upper position for the bearing before ordering.

Fitment: This bearing fits in both the upper and lower positions—however, please note that in the lower position, this is the horizontal bearing (not the main vertical bearing).



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