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Secondary Air Injection Pump & Check Valve

VW Classic Parts (VWCP)


VW Part #: 06A131229, 022131119D

Works With: 1999-2003

Weight: 0.93 lbs

Manufacturer: Volkswagen

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Price: $299.95

This secondary air injection pump and check valve (aka Kombi-Valve) is part of your van's EGR emissions system. A faulty valve can cause poor efficiency, higher emissions and may trigger your check engine light. This part is comprised of part#06A-131-229 and 022-131-119D.

Fits: All 1999-03, 24-valve VR6 Eurovan models.

Note: We have very limited stock of this part. This NOW (new old stock) product is new but may have slight corrosion or other visual blemishes. Get it while you can!

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