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Coolant Hose (Distribution Tower to Crossover Pipe)

Part #: 251-121-103-AM

VW Part #: 251121103

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 0.25 lbs

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Price: $8.95

This aftermarket cooling hose is the lower right hose that fits between lower cross over pipe and the cooling hose main junction aka distribution tower. Please check out the schematic shop for the precice location.

Fits: 1986-91 Syncro Vanagon

Install Note: You may have to cut off a bit off the hose for it to fit. The OEM hose is no longer available and this generic hose is a nearly identical fit. It is low cost, and works like a charm!

Why not silicone for this original replacement? GoWesty does not offer a silicone version of this hose because there is no evidence that indicated the more expensive silicone material/manufacturing method is superior in any way. This hose is an exact reproduction of the original VW formed hose, which was known to last many decades and are a fraction is the price as compared to a silicone version of the same thing. 

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