Wedge Kit for Grab Handle


Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 0.50 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $29.95

Don't let passengers have all the fun! Use this kit in conjunction with grab handles to make getting into the driver's seat a breeze. If you plan to add a handle to the right side of your vehicle, see the Right Side Install tab for special installation notes.

Kit includes:
• Upper and lower wedge bases
• Sheet metal screws
• Drill guide tube
• Step-by-step instructions

Note: The wedge kit is only available in black. If you want to pair it with a brown handle, it will not match the wedge kit. If you would like to paint the wedge kit brown, we recommend this paint.

These wedge bases are marked "Upper" and "Lower" for installation on left-hand-drive vehicles. To install them on right-hand-drive vehicles, their positions and orientations will need to be switched.

OEM passenger grab handle wedges used an expanding plastic anchor to attach to the A-pillar. The wedges in our kit are designed to use sheet metal screws for a stronger mounting, as described in the instructions, and cannot be mounted into the original A-pillar holes used for the passenger-side grab handle. If you intend to install these on a passenger side A-pillar that already has holes drilled for the OEM-style wedge, know that the wedges in our kit may not cover the OEM mounting holes.

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