GoWesty German Beer Stein

Part #: GW-STEIN

Weight: 4.10 lbs

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Price: $44.95

Like the Germans, we at GoWesty are serious about two things: Volkswagens and beer.

The Volkswagen thing gets us through the week, but when five o'clock rolls around, it's time to reward our efforts with a few beers. And just like we wouldn't be seen driving a Chrysler mini-van, we wouldn't get caught drinking out of a cheap plastic keg cup. No, sir! Quality beer deserves a quality vessel!

That said, we are very proud to offer you these one-liter, hand-crafted beer steins direct from Germany. These steins are emblazoned with our western-styled "Vee-Dubs 'n' Buzzards" design, and each one is individually signed and numbered by the artist. The limited production run of 250 will disappear faster than a cool lager on a hot day at the Hofbrau, so if you are serious about the vessel into which you pour your beer, you had better get one quick!

• 1 liter capacity
• Cool factor your drinking buddies don't have
• Numbered and signed, 250 piece limited edition
• Handmade in Germany


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