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OBD-II ScanGauge Kit for GW-EFI


Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 1.00 lbs

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Price: $249.95

This ScanGauge kit adds an OBD-II dash display to your GoWesty EFI System. This is a must-have tool for monitoring the health of your engine and diagnosing issues. This kit comes with a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) which adds the capability of monitoring fuel mileage and displaying vehicle speed on the ScanGauge (both must be calibrated). Our ScanGauge also comes preprogrammed with several additional X-Gauge readings that would have to be programmed into the ScanGauge manually if sourced somewhere other than GoWesty. 

Kit includes:
• ScanGauge - preprogrammed with additional gauges not typically available (see below)
• Custom wiring kit to install the ScanGauge on the dash
• Vehicle Speed Sensor

Gauge Displays Available:
• Coolant Temp
• Air Intake Temp
• Engine Load
• MPG (must be calibrated)
• MPH (must be calibrated)
• Oxygen Sensor Voltage
• MAF Sensor Reading
• MAP Sensor Reading
• A/C (On or OFF) – Preprogrammed GoWesty Addition
• Power Steering (Load Switch On or OFF) – Preprogrammed GoWesty Addition
• Knock System Voltage – Preprogrammed GoWesty Addition
• Degrees of Knock Retard – Preprogrammed GoWesty Addition

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