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Speedometer Assembly [MPH - Early 2WD]

Part #: 251-957-057BEX

VW Part #: 251957057BE

Works With: 1980-1985

Weight: 2.50 lbs

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Price Range: $214.95 - $234.95


Core Charge: Speedometer [MPH - Early 2WD] (Email to Obtain RMA Number)


Final Price: $514.95

This speedometer is a rebuilt replacement for the 1980-'85 gasoline-powered Vanagon 2WD (not Syncro or Diesel). It will fit all models, pop-top or not.

• Max speed 85MPH to 100MPH (yeah, good luck!)
• Snap-on speedometer cable only
• Odometer and trip-meter
• Some rebuilt units have had damaged corners repaired with this kit.

Special note for customers with larger wheels/tires: We offer speedometers calibrated to increase the speedometer/odometer reading by 7%. If your 2WD vehicle is outfitted with 215/75-15 or 215/70-16 tires, please choose the " +7%" option. (NOT recommended for use with standard GoWesty 15" and 16" wheel/tire packages (outfitted with 215/65/15 and 215/60-16, respectively).  

Cosmetic condition: All of our rebuilt speedometers are guaranteed to be mechanically refurbished to like new function. However, they are not cosmetically refurbished in any way. The unit you receive in exchange for your original part may have minor blemishes on the painted face of the instrument. That said, we do not rebuild any units that we feel are not visually nice enough to qualify for the rebuild process. If you are in any way dissatisfied with the cosmetic condition of the exchanged part you receive, we will happily accept it back for a full refund less shipping costs.

Core charge for this speedometer is $300, which is refundable upon return of your old speedometer core, with the following conditions:

• If the needle is broken, you will forfeit $50 of the core charge.
• If the spindle is broken, you will forfeit $100 of the core charge.
• If any mounting holes are damaged, you will forfeit $15 per hole.
• If you purchase a snap-in type speedo and return a screw-in type core, you will forfeit the entire core charge.
• If you purchase an MPH speedo and return a KPH core, you will forfeit $200 of the core charge.

Please contact us for a core authorization number prior to shipping it to us, and make sure to package it very carefully!

Purchasing the correct year range is very important! The early-model snap-in speedometer works with 1980-85 Vanagons; the late-model snap-in speedometer works with 1986-91 Vanagons (the term "snap-in" refers to the speedometer cable mounting provision, which can be either snap-in or screw-in). 

Due to core availability we are unable to ensure you will recieve a speedometer that is marked up to 100MPH. Some units will only display up to 85MPH. 

Early vehicles (1980-83) with screw-on speedometer cable the 251-957-057QX, or require the purchase of a new speedometer cable of the snap-in type, part number 251-957-803E, both sold separately below.

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