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Voltage Regulator for Gauge Cluster


VW Part #: 171919803

Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 0.19 lbs

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Price: $8.95

Replacement 10V voltage regulator for no-longer-available factory voltage regulator found on the back of the gauge cluster. This regulator is connected to both the gas and the coolant temperature gauges. When both the gauges malfunction, this regulator typically needs replacing. 


This voltage regulator will need to be installed in the factory printed circuit foil with the writing face down (toward the cluster). The supplied spacer will have to be used so that the voltage regulator fits properly in this orientation. The pins on this voltage regulator are straight and will need to spread apart in order to fit in the stock cluster printed circuit connector. The pins spread very easily. There are two plastic tabs that may interfere with the voltage regulator (by keeping the voltage regulator from sitting flat on the back of the gauge cluster). These plastic tabs will need to be cut off or carefully filed off.

Voltage Regulator Installation Tips

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