GoWesty Fuel Injector

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-0-280-150-206

VW Part #: 025906031

Works With: 1983-91

Weight: 0.50 lbs

Origin  : USA

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Price: $91.95

There are other fuel injectors on the market that are supposed to be exactly the same as the originals, but trust us: they are not the same. We fell for the same trick, as a matter of fact. We purchased injectors that were supposed to be exactly the same—in form and function—as the original Bosch injectors that came standard on the Vanagon from 1983-1991. But our very thorough testing showed they were definitely not the same—they did not flow the same amount of fuel under the same conditions.

After about a year of R&D iterations with our manufacturer, we were able to get it spot on. Now, finally, we can offer a truly identical fuel injector for your Vanagon—available ONLY at GoWesty!

Made right here in the good ol’ USA!

Buy our complete fuel injector bundle and save some serious coin!

No core charge: These new injectors are sold outright. 

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These injectors will work with any 1983-91 water-boxer Vanagon, including MV and DJ engines. 

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