GoWesty Fuel Injector Bundle

Made in the USA


VW Part #: 025906031

Works With: 1983-91

Weight: 2.50 lbs

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Price: $347.95

Is your Vanagon feeling sluggish? Poor fuel economy? Throttle response a little on the lazy side? Inject some life back into your waterboxer with these brand-new premium USA-made aftermarket injectors.

There are other fuel injectors on the market that are supposed to be exactly the same as the originals, but trust us: they are not the same. We fell for the same trick, as a matter of fact. We purchased injectors that were supposed to be exactly the same—in form and function—as the original Bosch injectors that came standard on the Vanagon from 1983-1991. But our very thorough testing showed they were definitely not the same—they did not flow the same amount of fuel under the same conditions.

After about a year of R&D iterations with our manufacturer, we were able to get it spot on. Now, finally, we can offer a truly identical fuel injector for your Vanagon—made exclusively by GoWesty!

Bundle includes:
• (4) Brand-new fuel injectors
• (4) Hose clamps
• (4) Small end injector seals (made in the EU)
• (4) Large end injector grommets (made in the EU)

No core charge:
These new injectors are sold outright. 

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These injectors will work with any 1983-91 water-boxer Vanagon, including MV and DJ engines. 

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