Fuel Tank

Part #: 251-201-075

VW Part #: 251201075AH, 251201075AE

Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 40.00 lbs

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Price Range: $158.45 - $179.45


Final Price: $158.45

Finally, a brand-new replacement fuel tank for your 2WD Vanagon! Over the years, we have experimented with a number of different replacement options (refurbished OE tanks and a plethora of aftermarket options) and we have finally found a tank that works perfectly. The grommets fit, the tank holds perfect pressure, and the tank walls are beefy and solid. In other words, we are confident you'll be happy with this high quality aftermarket tank. 

We offer both early and late model tanks. The early model tanks came with a metal fuel filler tube, while the late model tanks came with a plastic fuel filler neck. It is very easy to visually identify which fuel filler tube is on your van. If you have a late model van, you will also need to measure the diameter of the filler neck opening on the side of the tank, and the outlet tube on the bottom of your tank. 

Available Options:

Early: 68mm filler neck opening - 7mm outlet tube (251-201-075AD)
Late: 50mm filler neck opening - 7mm outlet tube (251-201-075AE)
Late: 48mm filler neck opening - 12mm outlet tube (251-201-075AH)

Note: These tanks sometimes arrive with minor paint blemishes from the factory. This does not affect their performance, and they are sold as-is.

Important Fitment Note: The "tabs" on these tanks sometimes arrive from the factory bent down slightly, which makes installing the sending unit challenging. You can use a crescent wrench to bend them up just a bit—but don't overdue it, because you still need tension on the seal! 

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