Front Heater Valve

Part #: 171-819-809E

VW Part #: 171819809E

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 0.25 lbs

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Price Range: $6.95 - $79.95


Final Price: $6.95

Not all heater valves are created equal! There are several heater valves on the market that look identical on the outside, but have serious deficiencies on the inside. We purchased samples of every one we could get our hands on, took them apart, and identified the two clear winners—both of which we're offering here. So, unless the other guy from whom you are considering buying a heater valve has done the same thing—play it safe and get one from GoWesty.


Regular: This aftermarket option is inexpensive—but it works. The lever on this valve is a bit more difficult to move compared to the original VW valve (no longer available from VW). 

• Deluxe: The German version is virtually bulletproof. While it's not the original VW valve, it is a very high-quality offering from Germany. This version features a lifetime warranty—if it ever fails, we will replace it at no charge (labor costs not included). Installation Note: Due to the design of this valve, it is possible to install it so the lever hits the body, and thus not allowing it to fully shut off. Take extra care to position it so it has full articulation with no interference by adding a nylon “zip-tie” between the heater hoses and the cooling fan motor to keep the level clear of the body.

Be sure to click on 'Important Install Note' tab!

It is MUCH EASIER to replace and properly adjust a heater valve (so it FULLY closes) if the cable is removed at the same time. Additionally, the heater cable system on a Vanagon requires the cable to PUSH the lever on the valve to for it to shut OFF. Older cables develop internal friction and typically buckle due to that friction plus the load on it by the valve lever. For these reasons, it is HIGHLY recommended that a NEW heater cable is also be used whenever you are replacing the heater valve.  Do it right, cry once!

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