Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank

Made in the USA


VW Part #: 025121403B

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 5.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $199.95

All aluminum coolant expansion tank for the original 2.1 MV waterboxer cooling system.

Fits: All 1986-91 Vanagon models, including Syncro.

• Durable aluminum construction
• Accepts both the OEM coolant level sensor, and our even better Coolant Level Sensor Conversion Kit - A GoWesty exclusive
• Housed in an anti-false-alarm fluid control column - A GoWesty exclusive
• Sight glass for accurate coolant level readings (visible behind the license plate) - A GoWesty exclusive
• Installs perfectly into the original tank bracket
• Complete kit - includes tank, pressure cap, installation hardware, and detailed instructions
• 100% USA made.

For years Vanagon coolant expansion tanks have been the source of great disappointment. This is not because the original design was flawed. In fact, the original tanks were known to last well over 20 years. The disappointment began when the original VW-made tanks became obsolete, and many different manufacturers started producing an aftermarket tank—most of which are... well, junk. Some tanks would literally melt the first time the engine got a little too hot. We have experimented with all of the plastic iterations that have appeared over the years. Truth be told, most any tank currently available will last a few years. If you are willing to keep an eye on your OEM-style plastic tank, they are available on our website here.

If you want to install your tank and forget about it, this is the tank for you. Every tank is hand-assembled and welded just down the road from our shop. This hand made all-aluminum coolant expansion tank features a sight glass that is visible from behind the license plate, accepts your original sensor and installs right into your original bracket. The installation couldn't be easier! 

Important Product Note: This tank no longer includes a new coolant level sensor as of January 15, 2021. We recommend you install the original OE sensor right into this tank, or better yet - upgrade to our bomber all-metal Coolant Level Sensor Conversion Kit.

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