Oaxacan Rug

Part #: OAX-RUG

Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 4.00 lbs

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Base Price: $399.95


Final Price: $399.95

These beautiful, small batch, handmade rugs for the Vanagon Westfalia living area are the ultimate floor covering for your beloved camper. The marriage of exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary design is sure to impress even the staunchest of camp-gear critics.

Fits: All 1980-91 Vanagon Westfalia Full Camper - does not fit Weekender/MV models


Measurements: 49.5 X 45 inches 


Color: Available in Brown or Gray

From Venture Libre: Big, bold, and beautiful. The Oaxacan Rug is hand crafted from all natural materials by the same Zapotec Family that makes our Seat Ponchos high in the Oaxacan Mountains of southern Mexico. Each rug takes one week to craft by hand on a traditional loom, using methods passed down through generations spanning hundreds of years. Our simple yet fun design will perfectly compliment the interior of your Vanagon Westfalia Campervan.

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