Sport Exhaust Kit from Catalytic Converter to Tail Pipe

Made in the USA


Works With: 1986-91

Weight: 23.00 lbs

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Base Price: $677.95


Final Price: $677.95

Are you looking to replace the most rusty, corroded, nasty parts of your exhaust system with some premium stainless steel components? Our "Cat Back" bundle will help you do just that with everything you need from the catalytic converter to the tail pipe!

This sport cat-back kit includes: 
• Stainless 50-state catalytic converter
• Stainless sport muffler with integrated 2.5" tail pipe
• Stainless muffler saddles with integrated straps
• Complete gasket and hardware kit with instructions

Materials note: This GoWesty "cat-back" exhaust system will not stay shiny and aesthetically perfect—but it will last, and we value longevity over aesthetics. For the complete story on stainless steel metallurgy, please click here.

For 1983-85 Vanagon: This kit alone will not work for you. You must purchase our complete sport exhaust kit. Details on that product page. 

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Limited Lifetime Warranty: Every stainless exhaust part we offer comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The part is warranted against structural failure for life (for the original purchaser).

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