Stainless Muffler & Tail Pipe - Sport Version

Made in the USA

Part #: 025-251-053N-SS-SPORT

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 11.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $249.95

We are very proud to offer our 100% USA-made stainless steel exhaust components for Vanagon. Quality, affordability, and longevity with a lifetime warranty.

Since the release of our stainless steel OEM replacement exhaust components a few years back, we have had numerous requests to release a "sportier" version of our stainless muffler. We began playing around with the concept, and are very happy with the results. Like our OEM replacement, this muffler is an all stainless steel, free flowing, straight-through design that maximizes exhaust flow. However, it is also smaller and lighter, flows even better, and is almost twice as loud. As you might imagine, this muffler is not for everyone, but darned if it doesn't look great, and sound amazing!

Shorty McSporty? A muffler like this is all about free-flowing fun, and we felt it needed a name to match. During the R&D phase of this item, we nick-named this shiny little rumbler Shorty McSporty, and well, the name just stuck. If you've been following the "Boaty McBoatface," and the "Trainy McTrainface" stories from across the pond, you'll likely chuckle along with us. 

• Direct fit in all 1986-91 Vanagons with OEM or GW exhaust (1983-85 requires the full exhaust kit)
• About half as long as the original muffler
• Better exhaust flow than the OEM muffler, and the full-length GW muffler
• Roughly half the weight compared to the regular muffler/tail pipe combo
• Includes a 2-1/2” integral tail pipe instead of 2” bolt-on tail pipe
• Tail pipe exit is closer to centerline of vehicle, so it is much less likely to get snagged when off-road
• About twice as loud as our regular-length muffler. It rumbles, but it's not obnoxious
• Made in the USA 
Last but not least, it has a cool name. Shorty McSporty!

Materials note: This GoWesty stainless steel exhaust part will not stay shiny and aesthetically perfect—but it will last, and we value longevity over aesthetics. For the complete story on stainless steel metallurgy,  please click here. 

Related item: If you are planning to use this product in conjunction with your OEM muffler saddles, you will also need a pair of aluminum shims sold separately here.


Every stainless exhaust part we offer comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The part is warranted against structural failure for life (for the original purchaser).

Due to the slightly smaller diameter of this muffler as compared to the OEM muffler, you will need a pair of our aluminum shims if you plan to re-use your original OEM muffler saddles. If you are planning on replacing your original muffler saddles with our stainless steel saddles, this muffler will be a direct fit. No shims required.

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