Syncro Rear Hatch Emblem

Part #: 331-853-675A

VW Part #: 331853675A, 251853675

Works With: 1987-1991

Weight: 0.25 lbs

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Price: $12.95

You don't own a Land Rover. You own a Syncro. And that means that you actually take your vehicle off road. Chances are you've been through some sketchy places. Maybe a rogue branch has ripped off your beloved "Syncro" rear emblem. Or maybe you're getting a new paint job to freshen up that road warrior. Whatever the case, your trusty vehicle doesn't have to travel around with a naked rear end any longer.

They affix to your rig via a super sticky adhesive backing. Peel, stick, and!

Fit note: These emblems are roughly 5.25" in length. Some Syncros came equipped with a slightly larger version.

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