GoWesty Engine Decals

Made in the USA


Works With: 1984-1991

Weight: 0.10 lbs

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Base Price: $4.95


Final Price: $4.95

For years now, folks have been asking us for some sort of body emblem to accompany their GoWesty built waterboxer. We are very happy to finally have a nice little decal to offer our clients. Available for all our current engine sizes, including the forthcoming 2700cc wasser-monster.

• Four engine sizes available. Use the drop-down to select your size
• Color matched to the valve covers found on your engine
• Printed on heavyweight brushed aluminum foil, with a domed soft acrylic top
• Peel 'n' stick application

Note: These decals are now being sent out with every engine purchase. If you have purchased an engine, and not received it yet, you will get one automagically. If you have purchased an engine within the last twelve months, please email for a complimentary decal. Cheers!

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