Distributor Cap [1986-91]

Part #: 03-214

VW Part #: 027905207A

Works With: 1986-1991

Weight: 0.30 lbs

Manufacturer: Bosch

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Price: $31.95

This distributor cap is the original replacement cap for all 1989-1991 Vanagons, and the best distributor cap choice for ALL 1986-1991 Vanagons. It features a superior design with an integrated grounding shield.

Note: If you own a 1986-1988 Vanagon, we recommend you purchase this cap instead of the 03-212 and discard the metal shield and ground wire that surrounds your existing distributor. Regardless of which cap you buy, the ignition wires you need are the 27462. Both sold separately below.

Fits: All 1986-1991 Vanagons (1986-88 require slight modification to the distributor per the information above)

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