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Alternator Belt Tension Bundle


VW Part #: 034903555B, 025903251

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 0.50 lbs

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Price: $34.95

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Toothed alternator adjustment bolt and bracket bundle. Save $4.95 over buying the two parts separately.

Fits: 1983-91 Vanagon with the waterboxer engine. Most 1988-91 Vanagons had this nifty adjustable bolt and bracket for the alternator. Please double check you do not already have this system prior to ordering. If your van does not have this system already, it is a simple and affordable upgrade. Installation requires basic hand tools only. Check out the related video!

Important note: Volkswagen updated late model Vanagons with this clever 'toothed' system that makes setting and maintaining proper v-belt adjustment quick and easy. If your alternator belt is slipping (or jumps off the drive pulley) your engine's electrical system will not receive the charge it requires. Worse yet, the water pump is also driven by this belt, and we all know that the water pump is critical to keeping your engine alive. So, if you see your alternator light appear on the dash, pull over immediately!


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