LiFePo4 Auxiliary Battery - 50Ah


Works With: 1980-91

Weight: 15.00 lbs

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Bring your Vanagon into the modern day with a 50Ah GoWesty Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery.
This totally sealed, maintenance free battery weighs about 1/3 less than a comparable 50Ah lead acid battery, has a much longer life cycle, includes an integrated battery management system featuring automatic low voltage cutoff, and includes a 5 year warranty! While this battery is categorized as a 50Ah battery, it is important to note that the usable capacity will be about 1.5x that of a 50Ah rated Lead Acid battery. Generally, the rule is that about 50-70% of Lead Acid capacity can be accessed compared with 80-100% of LiFePo capacity.
Additionally, LiFePo batteries charge faster and more efficiently! These batteries can be combined for a larger powerbank or installed individually right under your driver's seat! If you're still not sold, we recommend reading this brilliant article by Victron Energy on their website. 

Dimensions: 7.8" W x 6.5" H x 6.7" D
Weight: 12.13lbs
Operation Life Cycles: 4000 Cycles
Expected Life: 10 Years
Operation Temperature: -10-50°C (14-122°F)
Normal Charge Current: 20A
Max Charge Current: 50A
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to ensure that your new battery is fully charged prior to using it for the first time. Batteries discharge naturally over time, so make sure yours is topped up completely prior to installation! We recommend reading our related articles in the tab above.

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5 YEAR WARRANTY: We're proud to offer these batteries with a five year warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials under normal use.

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