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LiFePo4 Auxiliary Battery - 50Ah


Works With: 1980-1991, 1995-2003

Weight: 19.00 lbs

Manufacturer: GoWesty

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Price: $289.95

Bring your Vanagon into the modern day with a 50Ah GoWesty Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery.
This totally sealed, maintenance free battery weighs about 1/3 less than a comparable 50Ah lead acid battery, has a much longer life cycle, includes an integrated battery management system featuring automatic low voltage cutoff, and includes a 5 year warranty! While this battery is categorized as a 50Ah battery, it is important to note that the usable capacity will be about 1.5x that of a 50Ah rated Lead Acid battery. Generally, the rule is that about 50-70% of Lead Acid capacity can be accessed compared with 80-100% of LiFePo capacity.
Additionally, LiFePo batteries charge faster and more efficiently! These batteries can be combined for a larger powerbank or installed individually right under your driver's seat! If you're still not sold, we recommend reading this brilliant article by Victron Energy on their website. 

Dimensions: 7.8" W x 6.5" H x 6.7" D
Weight: 12.13lbs
Operation Life Cycles: 4000 Cycles
Expected Life: 10 Years
Operation Temperature: -10-50°C (14-122°F)
Normal Charge Current: 20A
Max Charge Current: 50A
IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: Batteries ship domestically to the continental 48 states via UPS Ground shipping only (we CANNOT ship these batteries to Alaska or to Hawaii) - no expedited services (Next Day, 2nd Day, etc.) and no international shipping except to Canada via UPS Standard. Sorry, absolutely no exceptions.





There are countless, conflicting and confusing opinions on charging LiFePo4 batteries. We've boiled our advice down to some guidance that isn't too complicated:  

• Alternator charge voltage will bring a LiFePo4 up to 90% of its charge capacity. This is sufficient and cost effective for almost all customers, and will provide a long lifespan for these batteries.

• Our Auxiliary Battery Kits (AUX-700/701) kits are a great option for charging your LiFePo4 battery from the alternator and separating it from your starter battery.

• Solar chargers with AGM settings, as found in our Folding Solar kits, will work to charge our LiFePo4 battery.

• Our ProSport Chargers (12 and 20 amp) in the "High Performance AGM" setting work great with these batteries. The 8 amp Pro Sport Chargers are not up to the task. 

• We know some customers will want to squeeze every last joule from their battery, recharge it without a second spared, and repeat this for every single cycle possible. There are aftermarket, no-dollars-spared solutions for you, but we’ve yet to find one we consider a good value. 

There are some simple rules to follow for making battery banks with these LiFePo4 batteries:

• These batteries must not be connected in series with each other to create a system at 24V or higher. If an individual battery became unbalanced, its BMS would cause problems.

• These batteries must not be connected in parallel with lead acid batteries unless they're separated while not charging (for example, while using one of our Auxiliary Battery Kits).

• Multiple LiFePo4 batteries can be connected in parallel to make a larger LiFePo4 battery bank – a great option if you’re out camping for long periods of time without charging.

Finally, here’s some smart advice if you’re using a “smart” charger: The onboard BMS in our LiFePo4 batteries is a brilliant failsafe to keep your battery in good shape for a long lifespan. If your battery isn't charging it's likely the over-discharge protection has been engaged. We've seen rare occasions when the BMS's protective features prevented other "smart" electronics, like our ProSport charger, from recognizing the battery and charging it. If your battery seems stuck in a protected state, try using another source to recharge your battery until the protection is unlatched - we've never had problems getting a battery charged back up on a "dumb" 12V charger, or our Auxiliary Battery kits. Once the BMS protection is unlatched, the smart charger will be able to charge the battery again. Take a look at the "Battery Management System Specs" tab to see the set and release points for various protections.

Note: the original, built-in battery charger in all Eurovan Winnebago Campers are not capable of fully charging this type of battery. A properly working alternator will properly charge these batteries at idle with no other accessories on (AC, for example), or at engine speeds above 2000 rpm regardless. Solar panels with LiFePO – capable controllers will also work.

Two options are:
• Change out your original Winnebago battery charger with any of the models we offer, see related items below, or
• Add a Renogy DC-DC battery charger/controller - coming soon!

5 YEAR WARRANTY: We're proud to offer these batteries with a five year warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials under normal use.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to ensure that your new battery is fully charged prior to using it for the first time. Batteries discharge naturally over time, so make sure yours is topped up completely prior to installation! We recommend reading our related articles in the tab above.

This product incurs an additional handling charge: $6 hazardous material box fee & $35 UPS Dangerous Goods fee

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