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Hi-Amp Battery Connection Kit

Basic kit


Works With: 1980-1991

Weight: 2.10 lbs

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Price Range: $74.95 - $254.95


Final Price: $74.95

Easily add a convenient power point for jump starting your Vanagon. This plug* installs a direct 2AWG cable to your main starting battery with a hi-amp plug to quickly, safely, and reliably connect jumper cables or power a hitch-mounted winch. Our base kit comes with everything you need including installation hardware and instructions. 

Optional upgrades:
• Add a set of medium-duty, 6AWG jumper cables
• Or, add a heavy-duty 2AWG jumper cable set with removable battery clamps which also function as a winch power connection for a hitch mounted winch. 

*The plugs used are the same high amperage Anderson Powerpole plugs found on Warn (and virtually all other brand) winches, and will connect up without any modifications. 

NOTE: Because this kit creates a direct, non-fused connection to your starting battery with heavy gauge cable, extreme care should be taken during installation to prevent any potential short circuit issues. Professional installation is recommended as a direct short could have disastrous consequences.

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