Gear Reduction Starter (Automatic)

Made in the USA

Part #: GVW-HTS-AT

Works With: 1968-91

Weight: 10.00 lbs

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Price: $279.95

When it comes time to replace your starter, we strongly recommend upgrading to a new and improved GoWesty gear reduction starter. Shoot, these things are so awesome that you might consider replacing your working starter now, just so you don't end up stranded somewhere in the future. 

These exclusive GoWesty starters are way more powerful and reliable. These are not like other starters you might see offered elsewhere. Our exclusive GoWesty design features a bolted-on trigger wire (circuit 50) for maximum reliability. Not only is the less-than-secure original connection at the solenoid eliminated, but the connection to the factory wiring is relocated to the engine compartment where it is much easier to access—and it will stay clean and dry. 

• Features 4.44:1 gear reduction ratio
• Smaller, more efficient motor than Bosch design
• Produces 1.4kw units, which is 40% more power than the Bosch design, but draws 20% less amperage!

For the full story on the development of this starter—and our lengthy experience with various iterations of Vanagon and Bus starters—we encourage you to read this article

Sold outright. No core charge. 

NOTE: Don’t be fooled! GoWesty starters are proprietary—you will not find this starter anywhere else. Sure, there are other vendors selling the same brand of gear reduction starter, but they’re not the same higher-output units we carry. Also, we have ensured the correct body positioning specific to 2WD or 4WD Vanagon application. Also, our exclusive starters feature a unique high-reliability electrical connection you won’t find elsewhere. That’s the GoWesty way.

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Fits the following vehicles:
• Fits all years Vanagon with automatic transaxle
• Fits all years Buses with automatic transaxle
• Fits all 1968-75 Bus with manual transaxle

Some rare Buses and air-cooled Vanagons had a 5th cold start injector wired to the starter.  If you want to keep this 5th injector, you'll need to wire it to the small black wire on the starter.

This starter is NOT warranted when used in conjunction with engine conversions (Bostig, Subaru, etc.). Note: GoWesty high-performance engines are not "conversions."

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