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Wireless Digital Thermometer

Part #: GVW-THERM-WS-04

Weight: 1.00 lbs

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Price: $24.95

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This little wireless digital thermometer is a great addition to your Westy's fridge. It sure is nice to know just how cold it really is in there. No more spoiling milk with this fella around! Simply add batteries, pop the sensor inside the fridge, mount the display wherever is most convenient, and your worries will be the only thing melting away.

Note: This product was originally designed to monitor and display outdoor temperatures that are cooler (hopefully!) than interior temps. In this application, the remote sensor is placed inside the fridge, and will therefore display the temperature under the "OUT" heading. Confused? Don't be! The termperature inside your fridge is listed first, and the interior temperature of your van is listed second. 

Product features:
• Wireless thermometer with remote sensor
• Displays both interior and ambient temperature in Fahrenheit
• Battery powered

Does not include: (4) AAA batteries or sensor/monitor mounting materials. Color may vary.

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