New GoWesty/AMC Cylinder Head

Part #: 025-101-065C-GW

Works With: 1983-1991

Weight: 16.00 lbs

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Price: $599.95

This complete cylinder head assembly starts with a brand-new, heavy-duty Spanish AMC cylinder head casting, then receives port smoothing, a quality three-angle valve job, and is then assembled with all new, OEM-quality intake and exhaust valves and parts. Please check out the "Quality" tab for more detailed info on the GoWesty build process.

Fits: All 1983-91 waterboxers. Sold individually. Two required per engine.

One can purchase a cylibder head for a waterboxer just about anywhere, but buyer beware. The Spanish AMC casting is the best there is, but a complete AMC cylinder head is not ready for duty right out of the box, unless it is a GoWesty built head. 

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In summary, we purchase AMC cylinder heads in bulk and bare—just the castings with guides and seats installed, no other parts. We use our own parts in the final assembly. We smooth the ports just past the valve seats for better air flow, perform a super quality three-angle valve job, and install brand-new OEM-quality intake and intake and exhaust valves. What we end up with is a cylinder head that is better than the AMC-built cylinder head that everyone else sells, and miles better than the original Volkswagen example in all regards. It is said "You get what you pay for," but that is not always the case. It is simply a crime that most retailers sell these cylinder heads straight out of the box and purport them to be satisfactory, in some cases for the same price we sell ours! So, bottom line, at $0-150 each more than our competitors, GoWesty's cylinder heads represent money very well spent. 

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