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1.9 to 2.1 Cooling System Conversion Bundle



Works With: 1983-1985

Weight: 24.50 lbs

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Price Range: $489.95 - $989.95


Final Price: $489.95

Volkswagen's first stab at a cooling system for the 1900cc waterboxer lasted only three years, from 1983-85. With the introduction of the 2100cc platform in 1986, VW completely redesigned the entire cooling system—and for good reason.

If your early-style cooling system is all original, or if you have been putting money into it here and there to keep it going, don't throw more good money at bad! There is no single system more important to keeping you going down the road than the cooling system. Take the opportunity to convert over to the most efficient system VW ever delivered in a Vanagon. Do it all. Do it right. Do it once! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This bundle requires two additional kits!
 2.1 Cooling Hose Kit - Available separately, or as an add-on in the dropdown menu
Stainless Steel Cooling Pipe Set - Time to ditch your smaller diameter pipes in favor of the late model 1.5" pipes

Here is a breakdown of all the new parts included in this bundle:
• Thermostat Housing Bundle
• Coolant Bleed Ring Replacement Kit
• Metal Air Bleed Nipple Kit
• Water Pump Kit, plus our water pump stud-to-bolt upgrade 
• Coolant Hose Junction to consolidate coolant connections
• Stainless Steel Water Pump to Thermostat Pipe to replace the previously hosed connection.
Plastic Coolant Expansion Tank
• Oil dipstick bracket
• Wiring to extend coolant sensor leads
• Lines and adapters to bypass the factory 2.1 oil cooler

Upgrade to the Deluxe Bundle and enjoy these superior offerings:
Billet Aluminum Lower Thermostat Housing Kit
Billet Aluminum Upper Thermostat Housing Cover
Bulletproof Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank

Includes complete step-by-step instructions!

Automatic Transaxles: For vans with an automatic, we strongly recommend upgrading to our External Cooler Kit because of the high failure rate of the factory design.  If you choose to run the stock automatic transmission cooler, you will need this kit to plumb it in.  

Oil Cooler: Retrofitting the late-style 2.1 oil cooler to an 1983-85 van is not trivial, and isn't addressed with this kit.   

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